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Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Bronchitis and doTerra Essential Oils


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LungsBronchitis is a temporary inflammation of air passages going to the lungs.  It can be caused by a bacterial infections, a viral infections, or a chronic (long term) condition from smoking or other irritants.  Since a continued infection can lead to pneumonia it is best to treat bronchitis early and aggressively.

Oils, blends & products recommended:

Oils & Blends: Breathe, clove, eucalyptus, frankincense, lavender, peppermint, rosemary
Essential oils based products:
Also consider: Basil, cypress, lemon, marjoram thyme
Suggested protocols:
The preferred application is cup and inhale or diffusion. Use a tissue cup or inhaler for on-the-go applications. Secondarily, prepare an ointment and use as a topical application on the chest.

What Science & Research are saying

Anti-inflammatory effects of Myrtol standardized and other essential oils on alveolar macrophages from patients with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease.
Eur J Med Res. 2009 Dec 7;14 Suppl 4:205-9.;  Rantzsch U, Vacca G, Dück R, Gillissen A.;   St. George Medical Center, Robert-Koch-Hospital, Leipzig, Germany.
Myrtol standardized is established in the treatment of acute and chronic bronchitis and sinusitis. It increases mucociliar clearance and has muco-secretolytic effects. Additional anti-inflammatory and antioxidative properties have been confirmed for Myrtol standardized, eucalyptus oil, and orange oil in several in vitro studies.
The aim of this study was to prove the ability of essential oils to reduce cytokines release and reactive oxygen species (ROS) production derived from ex vivo cultured alveolar macrophages.
Alveolar macrophages from patients with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD, n=26, GOLD III-IV) were pre-cultured with essential oils (10(3)-10(-8)%) for 1 h and then stimulated with LPS (1 microg/ml). After 4 h and 20 h respectively a) cellular reactive oxygen species (ROS) using 2',7'-dichlorofluorescein (DCF), and b) TNF-alpha, IL-8, and GM-CSF secretion were quantified.
In comparison with negative controls, pre-cultured Myrtol, eucalyptus oil and orange oil (10-4%) reduced in the LPS-activated alveolar macrophages ROS release significantly after 1+20 h as follows: Myrtol -17.7% (P=0.05), eucalyptus oil -21.8% (P<0.01) and orange oil -23.6% (P<0.01). Anti-oxidative efficacy was comparable to NAC (1 mmol/l). Essential oils also induced a TNF-alpha reduction: Myrtol (-37.3%, P<0.001), eucalyptus oil (-26.8%, P<0.01) and orange oil (-26.6%, P<0.01). TNF-a reduction at 1+4 h and 1+20 h did not vary (Myrtol: -31.9% and -37.3% respectively, P= 0.372) indicating that this effect occurs early and cannot be further stimulated. Myrtol reduced the release of GM-CSF by -35.7% and that of IL-8 only inconsiderably.
All essential oils tested have effective antioxidative properties in ex vivo cultured and LPS-stimulated alveolar macrophages. Additionally, Myrtol inhibited TNF-a and GM-CSF release best indicating additional potent anti-inflammatory activity.

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