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Friday, March 9, 2012

doTerra essential oils and Sinus Infections

Sinus Infections

Nasal Sprays Can Bring on Vicious Cycle


Very few drugs relieve a symptom as speedily as an over-the-counter decongestant nasal spray clears a stuffy nose.
A couple of squirts can shrink swollen tissues in seconds to minutes, letting in an exhilarating rush of fresh air. With some sprays, a single dose works for as long as 12 hours.
But relief provided by nasal spray decongestants like Afrin and Neo-Synephrine comes at a price: the risk of rebound congestion caused by overuse and, for some people, a vicious cycle of overuse and dependence that feels like an addiction.

My experience
Peppermint Essential Oil
A few months ago, I started smelling cigarette smoke when I would take deep breaths.  Since I don't smoke and am not around people that smoke on a regular basis I found this really weird.  I did some research to see 
what it could mean and I came up with "sinus infection".  Since I didn't have any other symptoms besides the "smoke" smell.  I just ignored it.  Last week the symptoms came on in a hurry.  I woke up with a little bit of a sore throat.  I thought maybe I had a sore throat because I slept so hard and maybe I snored.  (I know, chics don't snore) LOL  Well, the sore throat didn't go away, my sinuses started bleeding and I felt horrible all the way around.  I started using DoTerra's Breathe on my chest and bridge of my nose.  That definitely helped with the breathing issues right away.  I kept applying the oils and used the On Guard internally to wipe out the bugs.  Obviously the bug was strong because it had been there for so long and I was getting impatient because I was still feeling yucky.  My mom ordered the Family Physicians kit (Your natural medicine cabinet alternative) to be able to try the oils for my nephew and his asthma.  Mind you, I never thought my mom would get into the oils like she has.  Who knew she was a "hippy chick" at heart. LOL   She has been experimenting with the oils for him to keep from using the nebulizer and OTC meds. (by the way, they are working like a charm)  So, she suggested that I put the peppermint oil bottle up to each nostril and breathe really deep.  Well, I did that for a day and the next day the infection was gone.  SWEET!  Who knew....The ageless medicine of Essential Oils and the standby of "moms" wisdom and advise would keep me from the DR and over the counter medicine.  Thanks mom. :-)

I have seen personally what nose spray can do to someone.  Not only did it mess up the nasal cavity and cause them to have surgery but, it also affected the social aspect of their life.  There are articles that say nose spray is not addictive.  I'm here to tell ya; if you can't go anywhere without a bottle of nose spray in your pocket because you can't breathe without it, it's a problem.  Do yourself a favor.  Use the remedies that work and stay away from the nose spray.
If it causes a problem; it's a problem.

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